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Footage of NZ Police violent behaviour and their victims under the leadership of Commisioner Andrew Coster with a salary of about $700k

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Legal resources for protesters by Voices for Freedom

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News unrelated to the convoy

Kiwi Citizens have now served documents to the New Zealand Police containing Criminal Charges for the Arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little.

Following the filing of documents that were submitted to the High Court on 22 December 2021, and accepted by the High Court Registrar:
Brett Power from Stratford, accompanied by over 200 people, served documents to the New Zealand Police in New Plymouth today.

Brett Power has presented charges of manslaughter against NZ Health Minister Andrew Little.

The charges are now in the hands of the police who have issued a case number 220203/2237

Brett is calling for people to put in their evidence of jab injury or death to support this case:

If the police do not take the necessary action, investigate and arrest the Health Minister to be put under a trial then under section 35 of the crimes act citizen's arrest will be lawful.

Section 35 of the crimes act allows citizen's arrest without a warrant on any person that's causing harm in which the penality in the courts would be greater than 3 yrs. The penalty for man slaughter in the courts is 50 yrs. Citizens will be fully validated and under protection of the law to arrest Andrew Little.

Watch a replay of the live stream here

2022 FEB 05 In Taumarunui, Ann Tweedie, supported by her group, served the Police with summons to arrest Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson for murder and crimes against humanity.

NZ Police Case Number 220204/6077

Watch a replay of the live stream here:
2022 FEB 05 NZ Police Case Number 220204/6077 Summons to arrest Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson

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Offical Code Of Conduct

This event celebrates our autonomy, and the restoration of our inalienable freedoms to all New Zealanders.

Violence ONLY begets violence.

In the event of violence, threat of violence, disengage and inform an officer.

Be kind and respectful towards your fellow Kiwis & International supporters.

We are working with the police and other local authorities to help ensure public safety, we ask that all individuals be on their best behavior while spreading the message of unity, love & forgiveness. It is time to take back & heal our country for these & future generations.

The NZ Unity Freedom Convoy Condemns ALL Hate Symbols. Individuals who are expressing messages of HATE and division are NOT members of the movement. Those individuals DO NOT represent the Values and Code Of Conduct by Participants.

Wellington Police

Emergencies: 111. Non-emergency 04-381 2000
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